Program Design

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TLC designs customized leadership development programs that capture a person’s passion and connects it to the organization’s purpose.. 

A program you'll love at a price you'll love.

Skill Focused

Leadership is simply defined as the things we do and say that inspires others to take on their most difficult challenges and succeed. The TLC program will focus on the leadership skills that are most important to your organization’s success.

Work Relevant

The TLC programs utilize the See One–Do One–Teach One approach to program design. This means the program participants get lots of opportunities to practice their new skills in class, and then teach it to others at work.

Fun Environment

PT Barnum once said; “The noblest of art is that of making others happy.” Walt Disney believed: “Laughter is not the enemy of learning.” The TLC leadership programs are skill focused, work relevant, and most importantly, lots of fun!

New Habits

BJ Fogg, author of Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything, and the world’s leading expert on habit formation, said it best; “Building habits and creating positive change can be easy–if you have the right approach.”

Higher Purpose

The TLC instructors help the program participants identify and clarify their higher purpose. Next, we show them how to connect it to the organization’s purpose. This is how you create far-reaching learning transfer.

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