The Ultimate Leadership Program Experience

The perfect gift for your high-performing employees.

Would you be interested in a leadership program that offers top professors from multiple universities–not just one university? 

Based on your company’s specific needs, TLC recruits top professors from multiple universities who have the exact expertise you need, and the reputation for excellence in teaching and learning. 

Executive education is changing. TLC is leading the way.

At TLC, we always offer leadership development program content that is validated by research and proven in practice. 

Best-selling authors are always a part of the TLC instructional team. Whether they appear in person or beamed in using the latest technologies, their presentations both educate and inspire. 

The goal, turn high-performing managers into purpose-driven leaders

Theory without practice may indeed be irrelevant; however, just importantly, practice without theory is unsustainable.

TLC provides both by recruiting executives to participate as instructors, guest speakers, and coaches. Their instruction often reinforces the “why” and “what” of the topic but mostly shows us “how” to do it.

Discover the power of competency-based instruction.

Every TLC leadership program is designed to include guest appearances by your company’s most-respected leaders.

TLC asks your company’s highly-respected leaders, from all parts of the organization, to kick-off program sessions. They tell their personal stories about the why, what, and how of leadership excellence.

If knowledge is power, learning is your superpower!. 

Competency-Based Instruction