Frequently Asked Questions

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    Why did you name your business The Leadership Collaborative (TLC)?

    As the company Founder, Dan Stotz, wanted to lead a team of educators who have a passion for helping people reach their full potential as leaders and innovators. He feels that great things happen in the world when the right people collaborate together to create something bigger than themselves. TLC is a high-caliber team of creative program designers, award-winning instructors, and certified leadership coaches. Dan also liked the fact that TLC is short for The Leadership Collaborative because at TLC, we only work with organizations who truly care about the professional development, and the health and happiness, of their employees.

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    How do I become a TLC client?
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    How do I join the TLC Team of program designers, instructors, and coaches?

    TLC is always interested in talking with university professors, senior business executives, or experienced consultants and coaches who share TLC's vision, purpose, and core values. To start the process, go to the TLC main website landing page and click on the "Contact Us" tab to request an initial meeting--which usually takes place using Zoom technology.

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    What is unique about the TLC leadership development programs?

    All of the TLC leadership development and Certified Professional Innovator (CPI) programs are custom designed using frameworks that are both validated by research and proven in practice. We are nationally known for our expertise for integrating the flexibility, and fun, of "GAME-ified" online learning with the power of classroom action learning. The TLC Founder and several of the TLC Collaborators have won numerous awards for their program designs; and the programs have received very high ratings from the program participants. We also focus on follow-up coaching that helps the participants implement their new leadership skills. We work closely with our clients to ensure far-reaching learning transfer.

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    What is unique about TLC's approach to leadership and executive coaching?

    TLC Collaborator and Coach, Erick Kobres, specializes in Extreme Coaching (EC) which repurposes successful values, patterns and practices from the world of technology product development to the world of personal and professional development. While this might sound strange at first blush, consider that an important reason Agile approaches to product development work well is because they are lightweight, human-centric approaches that advocate careful prioritization, focus, teamwork, iterative innovation and continuous improvement. In Extreme Coaching, the person being coached is called the Player, borrowing from the apt analogy of sports. The Extreme Coach is half of a coaching dyad, and is the primary person working with the Player. The other half of the coaching dyad is the Coach’s Coach or C2 or Second. The Second is there to observe the coach on the field of play as they coach the Player, and to provide retrospective coaching and advice to the Extreme Coach. The singular goal of Extreme Coaching is to help the Player continuously improve toward the realization of their full potential.

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    How does TLC use technology to enhance the teaching and learning process?

    The TLC leadership development and innovation programs are typically designed as hybrid programs that integrate the flexibility of self-paced online learning with the power of classroom action learning. We use technology to enhance every aspect of the teaching and learning process. TLC can also design programs that can be easily incorporated into a company's LMS system.

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    How much does it cost to have TLC customize a leadership development program for my company?

    TLC uses leadership frameworks that have been validated by research and proven in practice so we often use these frameworks as the foundation for a program. However, after the foundation has been set, we often co-create the high-priority leadership competencies and customize the content to meet your company's unique teams, so it's difficult to provide a one-size-fits-all price. We can promise that our program quality is high and our overhead expenses are low. We can design a program you love at a price you will love. Please use the Contact Us tab to complete the Request for a Meeting form. 


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