Imagination is the ability to bring to mind the things that aren’t present to our senses. Creativity is putting our imagination to work.

Innovation is anything we do that makes our organization better and new; and creates value for both the company and the people we serve.

The Double Diamond Innovation Framework

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Steve Olson, PhD, CPI

Award-Winning Professor specializing in leadership development, innovation, and change management.

Everett Darby, CPI

Former Innovation Executive at The Coca-Cola Company and a Certified Professional Innovator.

Let's Co-Create Something New!

Sample Instructional Video

In this sample instructional video, innovation expert and TLC instructor, Professor Steve Olson, teaches us that innovating along both the forward and the back dimensions of value creation is extremely important but is fraught with peril from start to finish. 

The challenge of integrating product emotions with features and functions in ways that create and capture extraordinary value can befuddle even the best of companies. The amazing category-killing achievements of Apple are rare. 

In this video, Professor Olson describes the internal and external reasons why so many companies fail to innovate with success.