Developing Leaders Who
Inspire Collaboration

Caring leaders who build and nurture the strategic relationships that forge unbreakable trust.


Developing Leaders Who
Drive Innovation

Creative leaders who continuously discover new ways to make the organization better and new.


Developing Leaders Who
Accelerate Success

Visionary leaders who attract and retain the top talent needed to achieve aggressive, mission-critical goals.


Developing Leaders Who
Deliver Quality

Adaptive leaders who continuously improve the core processes needed to ensure high-quality outcomes.

The TLC team designs and delivers
award-winning leadership programs.

From program design to program instruction to follow-up coaching, TLC delivers transformational results. Let's co-create a program together!


  • Creative Program Designers who are experts at integrating the flexibility, and fun, of gamified, self-paced online learning with the power of classroom action learning.
  • Award-Winning Instructors who earn rave reviews for their ability to deliver relevant and inspiring content that is backed by research and proven in practice.
  • Experienced Leadership Coaches who help aspiring leaders implement the new habits and behaviors that will take their leadership skills to the next level of excellence.
Program Design

The TLC team of award-winning program designers, led by TLC Founder Dan Stotz, specialize in designing leadership programs that inspire a person to develop the new skills, behaviors, and habits needed to achieve leadership excellence.

Program Delivery

The TLC programs are facilitated by world-class instructors, and CEO guest speakers, who present content using multi-media presentations, powerful storytelling techniques, and multiple opportunities to practice and apply new skills.

Post-Program Coaching

The TLC coaches use a variety of time-tested techniques to help a person perfect their leadership skills and apply them to what matters most. TLC adheres to the ICF’s professional coaching standards and their ethical guidelines.

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TLC partners with Accredited Universities, Trade Associations, Corporate Universities, and Chambers of Commerce to offer certifications and credentials that are valued and respected by the business community, and not-for-profit organizations.

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