The TLC Coaching Process

The 7-3-6 Approach

The TLC coach begins the process by interviewing 7 of the individual’s colleagues asking them 7 powerful questions. Based on the interview results, the coach and individual agree on what 3 leadership skills need to be improved the most. Next, we meet for one hour a week for 6 months. 6 of the sessions are in person and the other 20 sessions are virtual. The objective? Help the person achieve leadership excellence and get ready for the next BIG promotion!

Coaching for Development

We can’t be good at everything but we can’t afford to be bad at leadership. At TLC, we offer the Extreme Coaching (EC) technique, developed by Certified Executive Coach Erick Kobres, to improve and accelerate the leadership development process. It’s coaching with the right amount of edge. In most cases, the TLC coaches help the person develop the skills needed drive innovation and growth. TLC has perfected the art and science of asking provocative questions, listening, reflecting, and then taking action!

Coaching for Solutions

Complexity is our friend, not our enemy; and Solution-Focused Coaching has the potential to be our best friend forever! Professor Steve Olson, TLC’s most valued collaborator, has perfected a solution-focused coaching process that helps leaders take on their most difficult challenges and succeed. This process uses the best of multiple, research-validated coaching frameworks: the CVF, the B=MAP Model, and the Wheel of Change.

From the Desk of Yvette Cook Darby

Excellence in Leadership is all about leaders being on the road towards what is better. This requires the leader to be committed to development and improvement and be aware of his/her needs. TLC coaching is for leaders who are on the cusp of becoming great leaders if only they can sure up a few key developmental areas. TLC coaching is for leaders who want to align with the organizational strategies to achieve optimal success.

Leaders will experience a comprehensive approach based on Positive Psychology, the scientific study of optimal human functioning, to improve their individual capability and performance and also increase their team and organizational impact. We focus on the leaders’ strengths and we teach them how to utilize their strengths to build upon areas in need of improvement.:

– Leaders will receive a wholistic 360-degree approach to identifying their opportunities for increased performance and growth.
– Leaders will focus on developing outcomes tied to organizational, business and/or functional strategies.
– Leaders will align their interpersonal, leadership and strategic skills with the organization’s desired leadership culture.
– Leaders will learn to build greater self-awareness, more effective communication and practice real time resilience.

TLC adheres to the Professional Coaching Standards as identified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Ethical Guidelines

Individual Coaching and Team Coaching

For Corporations: Providing leadership and executive coaching to your top talent is the fastest way to build a high-velocity and market-leading organization. Coaching is a powerful talent development and talent retention tool. Providing a leadership coach is the perfect gift for your high-performing employees.

For Individuals: We will help you develop the behaviors and habits you need to take your leadership skills to the next stage of excellence. Building new habits and creating positive change in your organization, and in your life, can be easy if you have the right approach–the TLC approach.

Coaching you'll love at a price you'll love!