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“The Leadership Collaborative (TLC) works with experts from around the world to find, and share, the best-in-class methods for achieving leadership excellence. We help individuals accelerate their careers. We help organizations develop, inspire, and retain their top-performing employees. TLC is a team of creative program designers, award-winning instructors, and experienced leadership coaches. The world of executive education is changing. TLC is leading the way!
Dan Stotz
Dan Stotz
TLC Founder and Managing Partner
Innovative Leaders

The TLC leadership programs and coaching help you master the Double Diamond approach to creating and launching game-changing innovations.

Innovative leaders discover ways to make the organization better and new.
Inspiring Leaders

The TLC team uses the popular Competing Values Framework to help you develop the new knowledge and skills needed to achieve leadership excellence.

Inspiring leaders attract and retain the top talent needed to achieve key goals.
Caring Leaders

The research is clear. High-performing employees will follow leaders who are empathetic and caring. TLC will teach you how to communicate with empathy.

Caring leaders build strategic relationships that forge unbreakable trust.

TLC helps you grow your business by growing your people!

The TLC team has perfected the leadership development process. We help your high-performing employees take their leadership knowledge and skills to the next level of excellence.