Caring leaders who build and nurture the strategic relationships that forge unbreakable trust.

Creative leaders who continuously discover new ways to make the organization better and new.

Visionary leaders who attract and retain the top talent needed to achieve aggressive, mission-critical goals.

Adaptive leaders who continuously improve the core processes needed to ensure high-quality outcomes.

Dan Stotz

Dan Stotz, M.S. is the TLC Founder and leads the company’s program design team. He has 25 years of experience working with senior HR executives to co-create award-winning leadership development programs.

Steve Olson, PhD is a master-level instructor and leads the TLC program instruction team. He has won the professor-of-the-year award nine times during his career. Steve is passionate about helping organizations create an innovative culture.

Yvette Cook Darby is a Certified Executive Life Coach (the CaPP Institute) and a former senior executive with GPB, United Way, and Usher’s New Look. Yvette is now the Founder and CEO of Doyenne Coach and leads the TLC coaching team.

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