Leadership Development: The Importance and Impact of Integrity

by in Leadership Development March 3, 2021

Excellent leaders share certain things in common. They may be skills such as effectively delegating or communicating with empathy. However, they also display certain traits, none more essential to successful leadership than Integrity. So, what is integrity? Let’s start with some definitions, beginning with the “old reliable” Oxford English Dictionary: “the quality of being honest […]

Talent Development: Improving the Performance Appraisal Process

by in Talent Development March 3, 2021

If your departments are complaining about performance appraisals, then they are not alone. NPR reports that stats from CEB, a research firm blog, indicate that 83 percent of human resource (HR) managers believe that their performance evaluation systems need an overhaul.1 I would argue that most employees dislike the evaluation process, and you may be surprised to […]