Erick Kobres
About Erick Kobres
Erick Kobres is the CEO of Keychainworks, a business and executive advisory company built to help technology executives reach their full potential as leaders and innovators. He is an experienced software executive who, after a successful 18-year career building software solutions at NCR, served as CTO for 2 successful private equity-backed cloud-based software companies. He is an innovator and prolific inventor with over 30 issued and pending patents. Erick’s purpose is to help others succeed by teaching and inspiring them to find, synthesize and implement the best ideas in the world. He relentlessly challenges the status quo and is a “humans first” design-thinking technologist who helps people test new perspectives and live “the art of the possible.”

Learning Transfer: The Growing Popularity of Extreme Coaching (EC)

by in Extreme Coaching March 3, 2021

Born in the crucible of Agile Software Development and Extreme Programing (EP), Extreme Coaching (EC) repurposes successful values, patterns and practices from the world of technology product development to the world of personal and professional development. While this might sound strange at first blush, consider that an important reason Agile approaches to product development work […]